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Welcome to the Refer-A-Site Banner Exchange by!
We operate this banner exchange to help web sites advertise and receive more visitors. When you join now, you get 1,000 banner impressions free for starting up! Join now and kick start your traffic with Refer A Site Banner exchange and your FREE 1,000 banner impressions.

How It Works:
You show exchange banners on your site and the exchange shows banners for you. Your exchange ratio is based upon where you are showing the exchange banners on your site. The more prominent the location, the better your swap ratio.

Most Prominent Placement Swap Ratio
Above the fold (visible when page first loads) on your Home Page*. 4 for every 5 you show
Below the fold (visible when the visitor scrolls down) on your Home Page. 2 for every 3 you show
Above the fold on any other page. 2 for every 3 you show
Below the fold on any other page. 1 for every 2 you show
* "Home Page" refers to index.html of a primary domain like Pages on secondary domains like GeoCities and affiliate sites like ReferralWare will not be counted as "Home Pages".

Once your account has been approved your banner will be displayed up to 4 times for every 5 times you show ours (not 2 for 1 like the big boys).

Targeted Advertising:
The Refer A Site Banner Exchange is divided into categories designed to let you target specific audiences. Get focused for higher click-throughs or use them all for the branding effect.

Detailed Statistics:
Putting the exchange banner onto your site is easy and you can review your statistics in real time! The password protected control panel will tell you how many times your banner was shown and how many visitors it brought to your site.

Purchase Exposures:
If you don't like other peoples banners on your site, or you want to attract more targeted visitors you can purchase banner displays at a reasonable price.

Sample Banner:
The banner below is an example of what the banner exchange code will look like on your site. The exchange accepts only standard gif and jpg, 468 x 60 banners up to 18k in size.

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